November 05 2018


My topic for the student choice presentation is Utopia 360 VR headset.One of the reasons for choosing it for review is that along with virtual reality it also supports augmented reality. Utopia 360 is a portable smartphone Virtual Reality headset by Retrack.It gives a full 360 degree immersion in virtual and a good field of view in augmented reality.One of the well designed and comfortable headset.This headset comes along with a mini bluetooth controller which enhances the experience and makes it a lot better.There are two versions of this headset,normal edition and elite edition.It has some of the great in built features.One of the reason it more alluring is that it is realitively inexpensive in comparision to other VR headset with same features.

Versions of Utopia 360:

Features in Utopia 360:

Utopia 360 comes with the following features:

HEADSET DESIGN : The headset has dimensions 11-1/2"L x 7-1/2"W x 5-1/2"H and weight of 1.28 lbs.The overall design feels nice, with plenty of padding around the eyepiece.The strap around is made from a leather faux material.The ventilated,form-fit cushion provides long lasting comfort.

360 FIELD OF VIEW : One of the main feature in this headset is that it supports 3600 field of view which is unlikely in other headset at this price.This feature provides in depth immersion in virtual reality with seamless vision from every angle through 3-Dmovies, simulated games and immersive 360 VR apps.

DUAL ADJUSTABLE FOCAL LENGTH : The headset has dual adjustable focal length.It's independent focal length adjustment and interpupillary distance wheel helps to modify the distance between lenses for custom optics.It implies that user can adjust the headset to line up with their pupils.

BUILT IN ACTION BUTTON : There is a metal button located on the top of the headset allows the user to interact with the screen when necessary, ensuring that it should last all kind of adjustments that provides an ergonomic experience.

LUCIDVIEW LENS SYSTEM : The optical resin lenses present in the headset delivers excellent clarity.The lens is designed in a way it reduces lens glare and eye strain.

RESOLUTION : The resolution of the headset is device dependent which is the resolution of the smartphone you insert in the front dock.

SLIDING COVER : There is the Sliding cover for use with augmented reality appsat the front side of headset that should take in users phone. whatever size it is. That said, it will probably max out on the 6-inch phones. The lid has a spring-loaded grip inside so the phone locks into view whatever the size is. The downside is that it is not so easy to take your smartphone out of the headset.

COMPATIBILITY : This ultra compatible headset works with almost all major brands and standard sized smartphones.It has nearly limitless possibilities with hundreds of free apps available through the Google Play and iOS stores.

AUDIO : The HD stereo headphones are built with a convenient slide-out design so you can attach personal audio when you want it. It has a built in microphone and volume controls.

VR CONTROLLER : It comes with a controller which connects with the smartphone.It has 8 buttons to switch modes.It allows the user to control VR media for immersive gaming and interaction within apps.The controller supports both iOS and Android and offers device-specific modes for each.

Getting Started:

HEADSET : Setting up the VR headset is easy and there are few steps involved to adjust it for your comfort.These include the back of the halo band to make it a better fit for your head, as well as focal length adjustment. With one for each eye, it helps you to get the correct focus, bearing in mind that your phone is a good couple of inches away from your eyes. This is probably a good time to mention that it would be better to use this with contact lenses if you need visual correction. However, It is also fairly comfortable with glasses on, it depends on the frame.There is also an ‘interpupillary distance wheel’ so that you can modify the distance between the lenses. As someone who has worked in optics, I appreciate that this can make a big difference to your viewing comfort as well as the quality.

PHONE : It’s really easy to fit the phone into the front of it, as the phone cradle opens and grips the phone either side. This stops the phone from sliding around and prevents buttons from being pressed by mistake. It’s best to remove any screen covers or protectors on your phone at this point, to ensure the best clarity. This phone cradle is described as universal. According to the bottom of the box, the phone should have a maximum height of 6.3 inches and be between 2.3 and 3.15 inches in width. here is a headphone jack that folds out and plugs into your phone if you’re using the headphones . It has a built in microphone and volume controls. Meanwhile, the controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth.


The popularity of this heaset is majorly because it is inexpensive.It has very impressive view/graphics.The comfortable fit allows the user to use it for for more hours.It is a steady headset.The set up is very easy hence it makes it more user friendly and proves to be good for people new to VR.There are many free 360 virtual reality apps compatible with it which is another perk.It includes an action button, which allows you to move forward on the screen therefore it is adjustable.Earbud/headphone compatible gives another option to the user.The models include a Bluetooth contoller that gives more control over the game.


Sometimes the bluetooth controller not compatible with many apps.There have been complaints from useer that controller did'nt work properly.Some smartphones were not easy to fit into the lid.After use it was also difficult to take it out of the headset.


Here are few of the applications supported by utopia 360.For more details follow this link.